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Wealth Management & Financial Planning | Minneapolis, MN

What is Wealth Management?

A key component of planning your financial future is finding the right financial professional to help you achieve your investment goals. With thousands individuals working under the title of “financial advisor”, it can be difficult to know which one to choose. We believe it is important to find an advisor that has freedom and independence to find financial solutions that best fit your unique needs.

Wealth Management is the process of managing, enhancing, and coordinating multiple aspects of an individual's wealth to actively navigate through numerous financial stages and circumstances in their life. 


A Wealth Manager will assess your financial goals, objectives, risk tolerance, time horizons, liquidity needs, and many other factors to create and implement a customized investment portfolio and comprehensive financial strategy specifically tailored to your financial needs. 

Should You Consider a Wealth Manager?


Keeping track of all of your accounts and ensuring that all of your trusted advisors are working together can be an overwhelming task. Wealth Management addresses these challenges by having a financial professional reviewing and making adjustments to your financial holdings based upon market conditions and changes in your personal life situation.

Bloomington Financial Advisor

A skilled wealth manager will work with your trusted CPA's, attorneys, and other valued advisors to recommend strategies that best address your stated needs. Where expertise is available, a seamless integration of professionals is utilized for the benefit of the client. 




​As fee-based fiduciaries, we place your best interest ahead of all others with a vested interest in building long-term relationships. 


We advise each client based upon their specific needs and are dedicated to providing wealth management services by forming partnerships built upon trust, understanding, and advice.

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