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Barrington Capital Management, Inc. supports its associates in serving their communities and fulfilling their professional and ethical responsibilities by providing pro bono consulting services to appropriate individuals and organizations. All Barrington Capital Management, Inc. associates are encouraged to devote a portion of their time and professional services to pro bono matters.


Pro bono work provides many benefits to our firm, our associates, and, of course, to the individuals and organizations to whom we provide free consulting services. Pro bono work provides opportunities for associates to gain invaluable training and experience. It also helps us develop relationships with individuals and organizations as we demonstrate our firm’s commitment to the community.

Pro bono work should meet the same standards of professionalism and service as any other work undertaken by the firm. To signal the firm’s commitment to pro bono work, the quality and level of an associate's pro bono work is held to the same standard of quality work product as any fee-generating work.

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Pro Bono Services

“Our community has served us well. We show our appreciation best by supporting the future of our community and its people.”

Bob Lawson, President

Barrington Capital Management, Inc. and Barrington Financial Consulting Group, Inc.

Community Involvement

Community involvement will always be a tradition of the past and future for Barrington Capital Management, Inc. As a firm, we support programs that improve the future for people in need and the communities in which we live. We are also fortunate to have a team of professionals who believe in giving back to the community by serving on the Boards of nonprofits and participating in charitable causes and civic leadership.

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