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The Discovery Meeting

​​It is important your financial advisor fully understands your values, goals, objectives, concerns, and other important areas of your financial life.


The Discovery Meeting begins the wealth ​​management process where we listen carefully to what is most important to you and your family. Based on this information, we assess whether our services will add value to your financial well-being. If we can assist you with your financial goals, we will begin developing your financial plan.

Investment & Financial Planning

​​The Analysis & Planning stage involves a thorough and comprehensive review of your current financial and life situation:

  • Income, assets and liabilities, tax rates, cash flow,  debt, and time horizon

  • A thorough and unbiased analysis of your current investments

  • Assessing whether your financial situation is aligned with future needs and life changes 

  • Planning for financial goals and objectives, such as funding higher education and retirement​

  • An evaluation of your estate and succession planning 

  • Asset protection and insurance needs

  • Long term care considerations

After our analysis, we create an Investment Policy Statement which identifies opportunities to potentially enhance your financial situation. During this process, we may also ask for your permission to work with your other trusted advisor(s) to develop a comprehensive plan to address all matters that may impact your finances.


Your Investment Policy Statement will offer specific recommendations that are consistent with your unique financial situation:

  • Asset allocation & Diversification

  • Risk Assessments

  • Income Planning & Time Horizon

  • Tax Considerations

  • Liquidity Needs

View a Sample Investment Policy Statement.

 Implementing Your Plan

The Implementation phase puts your ​​financial plan into action and varies from client to client. Specific steps are taken based upon liquidity needs, tax considerations for non-qualified accounts, cash availability, and the performance of your prior investments.

Often, your plan may include opening a Roth IRA and making annual contributions, performing a 401(k) rollover from a former employer, or consolidating your investments from several institutions. 

 We will guide you through each phase of your plan as you work towards your goals. We actively monitor and manage your investments while keeping you informed every step of the way. 

Ongoing Financial Planning & Communication

We will help guide and protect your financial well-being through volatile market conditions, world events, and changes in your life. Clear and thorough communication plays a crucial role in managing the wealth of our clients.

We ask that you keep us informed with your life changes which may impact your finances in order for us to make adjustments to your plan.


Our value and success is predicated on building and maintaining long-term and trusted relationships while delivering personalized advice to our clients in order to help them reach their financial goals.

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