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Investment Policy Statement

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Scope & Purpose of an I.P.S.

Providing investment advice to individuals and families is a task that we’ve successfully done for over 30 years, and we understand how to do it properly. We understand it requires addressing a variety of priorities and concerns which will impact the overall investment performance of the portfolio. We will consider your short- and long-term objectives, risk tolerance, and preferences, liquidity needs and all relevant constrains. The potential complexity associated with taking all of these factors into account in an investment strategy requires a disciplined approach.

Your personalized investment policy statement (IPS) that we will design for you will serve as a strategic guide to the planning and implementation of your tailored-made investment program.


When implemented successfully, your IPS anticipates issues related to governance of the investment program, planning for appropriate asset allocation, implementing an investment program with internal and/or external managers, monitoring the results, risk management, and appropriate reporting. The IPS also establishes accountability for the various entities that may work on behalf of you such as your attorney or accountant.

Perhaps most importantly, the IPS serves as a policy guide that can offer an objective course of action to be followed during periods of market disruption when emotional or instinctive responses might otherwise motivate less prudent actions.


Your IPS is a completely personalized document that is uniquely tailored to your preferences, attitudes, and individual situation of each investor we serve. We are committed to thoroughly understanding our client’s objectives, restrictions, tolerances, and preferences to be able to develop a truly useful policy guide.

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