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Bob Lawson in the News

Bob Lawson, the President & Chief Compliance Officer of Barrington Capital Management, Inc., was acknowledged by Little Brothers - Friends of the Elderly in their Fall 2017 Newsletter.

Bob is a board member and volunteer for the non-profit organization, whose mission is to relieve isolation and loneliness among the elderly. You can read the full article below:


Bob Lawson’s life-changing moment happened less than one year ago. “I had always been aware of the needs of isolated seniors,” Bob reflected. “But when I attended LBFE’s Thanksgiving Dinner last November and saw the elders coming off the Metro Mobility bus alone, I knew I wanted to be a part of this community."

Bob’s epiphany led him to sign up for a volunteer orientation, and soon after was matched with an elder friend, Fran. Within a few months, Bob began to attend additional orientations to share his personal experiences as a volunteer; he has recently agreed to assist in facilitating them on occasion. All of this is in addition to his being voted onto LBFE’s Board of Directors in February.

Bob’s advocacy extends beyond his volunteer work. He invited his personal friends to fill a table at LBFE’s Friends for Life benefit last spring. He has placed recruiting posts on Facebook and Nextdoor and listed his LBFE association on LinkedIn. And, as principal of his firm Barrington Capital Management, Inc., he strategizes ways to leverage his networks. “I’m reaching out to local foundations, my VIP vendors and local businesses in an attempt to recruit new corporate sponsors and donors and bring greater awareness to LBFE,” he said.

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