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Credit Card Solicitations

Solicitations for pre-approved credit cards should be shredded before being discarded in the trash.

Many individuals and even business owners do not destroy or discard their confidential financial data in a safe manner. Unfortunately, they simply throw it away with the rest of their trash for pick-up by the garbage collectors on their regularly scheduled day or worse yet, toss it in their recycle bin.

Solicitations for pre-approved credit cards are some of the most valuable pieces of trash that an identity thief can steal. Additionally, “dumpster diving” as it is more popularly known as, can yield checks, credit card and bank statements, or other records that bear your name, address, and telephone number. In addition to targeting an individual’s trash, dumpster divers target the trash at banks, insurance companies, hospitals, and other businesses—locations that an individual has no control over.

So remember, what you may think is "junk mail", could potentially be worth big money to a fraudster, so when in doubt, SHRED.

Don't let your confidential information get in the hands of fraudsters or the cleaning crew in your office building.

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