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16 Success Tips to Help You Live a Better Life

1. Think honest and be honest. 2. Be honest with yourself. 3. Avoid shortcuts in life. 4. Don't rely on Crystal Balls or Fortune Tellers for advice. 5. Find a career or job that you are truly passionate about. 6. Take control of your life. 7. Establish personal & professional goals with a deadline. 8. Monitor your goals to make sure you are on track. 9. If you love someone, make certain they know it. 10. Eliminate toxic people and "things" in your life. 11. Spend less money and save more. 12. If your food comes out of a can, box or through a drive-thru window, avoid it. 13. Have more fun in life. 14. Make certain you get plenty of exercise. 15. Reduce stress. 16. Reward yourself.

A special thanks to my mother, father and Uncle John for passing on some of their favorite ideas for living a better life. ~ Bob Lawson

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